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Pork Udon Noodles for Two

A warming bowl of handmade fresh udon noodles with pork miso and umami fish dashi for two.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 600g

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Meet Shuko
Omiyage by Koya

In Japan udon is eaten everywhere, every day. Since Koya first opened in 2010 it’s always been our aim to introduce this staple to the UK. I love how accessible udon is, it’s umami-packed, healthy and nourishing. In March 2023 we moved into a new kitchen where we make our udon from scratch everyday, this also gave us the space to start our Omiyage boxes. We love the idea of people learning to cook fresh udon at home!

Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend

Delicious - the broth is refreshing, the udon the boingiest you’ll find in the uk and the miso pork adds a savoury umami. It’s on the sweeter side and quite intense so we only had half the pork with the noodles and finished it up with rice the next day. Such a treat to have this available outside of London once again. A big favourite in our house!

Very tasty noodle meal.

The pork absolutely makes this meal, the combination is really great.
There is a really good size portion and it's very filling.
Easy to make and makes a really interesting meal.

Elisabetta C.
Soulful, heartwarming dish

This is absolutely fantastic - we love the broth and how the udon is slurp worthy! Empty bowls for us at all times, and a dish that we are now repeating.


We loved having this last night! Easy to prepare. We did add probably a tablespoon of soy sauce for a bit more depth which made it perfect! Definitely ordering again.

Shannon T.

We loved this! The only thing I'd change is maybe a tablespoon of soy sauce. Nothing else.