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Beef Lasagna

A classic Italian comfort food favorite. Layers of flat pasta noodles get interspersed with an Marzano tomato sauce, carrots, onion and celery soffritto, British beef mince, Parmesan cheese and home made béchamel. Creamy béchamel sauce and generous portions of melty mozzarella and parmesan cheeses complete this delicious lasagna. Baked until bubbling and lightly browned on top for the perfect cohesive and satisfying casserole.

⚖️ Approx dish weight: 300g

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I started doing economics in London but fell in love with Tiziana my wife so of course I followed her to London! I thought that the way I could make it work was if I followed my original passion which was to make the best Neapolitan pizza and sell it in London street food markets. So I did just that and now we have our very own restaurant where you can truly find a slice of Naples!

Customer Reviews

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Very tasteful

Very tasteful with a lovely soft pasta. Let down a bit by the lack of filling and sauce.


Delicious. Will be ordering again.

Great tasting lasagne

I must confess that generally I've found commercial lasagne something of a let down. It's something about the sauce that never seems quite right, so I was nervous about trying this offering. However, I shouldn't have worried, this dish really hit the mark. It was meaty, moist and the pasta was firm without being tough.

The flavour was delightful: tomato and beef coming through loud and clear. I accompanied it with a fresh salad that worked really well.

All in all, a well made and tasty dish that really fills you up. What more could you want? Oh yes, a glass of good Italian red wine.

Delicious lasagne

I cooked this in the oven but sadly I burnt it. It was looking a little black on top but under the top layer was perfect.
I then discovered that the burnt crispy topping was amazing!
Incredibly tasty meal and a perfect sized portion.
I would get this again and again.

Helene L.

Delicious lasagne but has lots of pasta. Heated up really easily in the microwave. I would've liked a bit more sauce though.