Amaretto Apricot Mochi

An Amaretto Apricot flavored mochi is an exquisite fusion of the nutty, sweet flavor of Amaretto liqueur and the tangy, fruity essence of apricots. This sophisticated dessert features a soft, chewy mochi exterior that wraps around a rich, flavorful filling. The filling combines the aromatic, almond-like taste of Amaretto with the bright, slightly tart sweetness of apricot, creating a luxurious taste experience. The glutinous rice flour dough of the mochi offers a delicate sweetness and a unique texture that beautifully complements the complex, deep flavours of the filling.

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Meet Natalia

My journey into the world of mochis began out of sheer curiosity and a love for the art of patisserie. It was three years ago when the subtle beauty of these Japanese rice cakes captured my imagination. Ever since, I've dedicated myself to mastering the delicate balance of texture and flavor that makes each mochi a tiny marvel. My adventure started in my humble home kitchen, experimenting after hours, and has led me to this very moment where I am known for my mochi rice cakes—each a small, edible emblem of my passion for cooking and innovation.