Afro Fusion Spatchcock Chicken Platter

Afro Fusion Woodsmoked Spatchcock Chicken Platter

This flavorful dish serves a family of 4 and features a juicy, woodsmoked spatchcock chicken prepared in an Afro fusion style. The chicken is grilled over natural hardwood charcoal, infusing it with a delightful smoky aroma and flavor.

The woodsmoked chicken is then seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices and herbs that give it a bold, savory taste. Accompanying the chicken are grilled peppers and onions, adding a smoky sweetness and crunch to the plate. Fluffy rice and peas round out the platter, providing a satisfying starch to soak up all the delicious sauces and juices.

This vibrant, well-balanced meal is sure to delight the whole family with its mix of tender, woodsmoked chicken, roasted vegetables, and fragrant rice. It's a complete and nourishing dinner that celebrates the vibrant flavors of African and Caribbean cuisines.

Size: Full Chicken Platter
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£16.20 per portion
Meet Pessima
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I was born in Sierra Leone (West Africa) but grew up in the U.K. My mum is a chef, and my dad taught me how to season and cook meat. I create meals by fusing ingredients from Africa, the Caribbean, and southern America to create unique meals busting with vibrant fresh ingredients and high-quality perfectly cooked meat. I put my own twist on popular traditional meals from each region to give customers a full food tour of Afro-fusion cuisine.

Customer Reviews

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Sameer S.
Good, but can be better

The spice on top of the chicken was excellent. Challenge was that it was on the chicken skin, and the meat itself wasn't as flavorful. This could be an amazing dish if it was cooked skinless and chopped into individual pieces.


I had the half chicken platter. It was absolutely delicious.
The chicken was very flavoursome, tender and moist. The rice and peas was very tasty. The veggies (green beans, baby corn, broccoli) were deliciously charred. The smokiness flavour permeated the whole dish. I can not wait to order some more.

Nigel S.
Very Good

Very tasty, and love spatchcock chicken which reheated successfully in the oven and was as good as a barbecue. A bit short on side vegetables if the meal is to serve four. The rice was really nice as well

So delicious

We loved the flavours of this whole spatchcocked chicken, lovely and smoky, so tasty and regenerated well in the oven. I don't think it would be as good in a microwave as it wouldn't get crispy. We liked the sides of grilled peppers and rice and peas being all ready to go as well, we just added some fresh greens. A real winner with us.

Edita G.

The chicken was delicious and moist with crispy skin, and the rub was flavourful and smoky. The veg were soft and tasty. The rice and peas had a well balanced depth of flavour and the beans brought a great texture too. However, while there was easily enough chicken for 4, there was only enough rice and veg for 2.